If You Remember These Awesome Cartoons, Then Project X Has Failed

The late ‘90s/early 2000s really were the best time. They had the best music, films, cartoons, and it was around that time that the Black Office of the shadow world government finally got funding for their mind-control experiment. 1,000,000 gallons of proprietary chemical cocktails in the world water supply later and it looks like Project X has been a total success. For the most part. We are still occasionally getting reports of people who seem to remember what REALLY happened 20+ years ago, so let’s do a test, OK? If you recall any of the following 1990s/2000s cartoons, then please report to the nearest Black Office operative for immediate termination. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

No-Lung Ted


Ring any bells? It was a 1995 show about a business guy trying to get a promotion? Also he had no lungs? Remember? He was always gasping for air and begging for the sweet release of death. You know, No-Lung Ted. Anything? No?


Meth Cat’s Pad


Surely you must remember THIS one. Every day after school, kids all over the country would tune in to watch the hilarious adventures of Meth Cat and his buddies Cocaine Squirrel, Ketamine Porcupine, and everyone’s absolute favorite: Weed Echidna. Come on, surely you remember Weed Echidna. She was always all like: “Hey kids, smoke marijuana all day! Don’t listen to your parents! Weed feels so good. Commit crimes! Now!”


Hydrophobic Shark


BUAHAHAHA, oh man, he would scream and piss himself so much. Ah, good times, good times.


My Dad Was A Pumpkin Fucker


Do not try to sit there and tell me you don’t immediately hear the show’s classic opening song upon seeing Pumpkin Herbert. I can still remember it: “His mom was a pumpkin, his dad was a pervert, a few beers later they got Lil’ Herbert. Cause his dad fucked a pumpkin! With his penis!”


Throwing Piss Balloons At Orphans


If nothing else, then surely you must recall how the cartoon was suddenly canceled when it turned out that it was autobiographical.


Dick Pencil


Frankly, you did not have a real childhood if you never sat around with your friends discussing Dick Pencil. So, yeah, obviously you ALL agree that the pencil tip is his dick but… is all of it his dick? Or is it just the graphite? See, I always argued that the graphite was actually his cum because that just made more sense to me but Andrew disagreed. Which part did YOU think was Dick Pencil’s dick?

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