9 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The Cast Of Saved By The Bell

Since first premiering 30 years ago, Saved by the Bell continues to be a show that existed. It told the story of friends who went to school and sometimes ate food, but the friends weren’t the same. No, they were different in many regards. Hair color for one. They were also portrayed by different people. Here are some facts about them:

9. Taron Egerton Was Never Considered For A Role On The Show

Although Taron would’ve been an excellent addition to Saved by the Bell, he was only 0 years old when the show first premiered so the producers never once considered offering him a part.


8. Zack Morris Was Played By Two Different Actors, Both Named Mark-Paul Gosselaar

The original Mark-Paul Gosselaar disappeared mysteriously midway through filming the show’s second season, so the producers replaced him with a perfect lookalike whom they have found in the amnesia ward of the local hospital. To make things less confusing on set, they then named him Mark-Paul Gosselaar.


7. Slater’s Height Is Vastly Different In The First And Last Episode Of The Show

The show never addresses this inconsistency.


6. Lisa Turtle Only Has One Line In The Show

Throughout the entire run of Saved by the Bell, Lark Voorhies’s character only ever utters the phrase “Heroes in a half-shell, turtle power!”


5. No Cast Member Of SbtB Has Ever Tasted Orange Juice

The cast of the show explained that it would be like drinking the orange’s blood and they were not “fruit vampires.” When their characters were supposed to drink OJ on screen, liquid grease with added orange paint was used instead.


4. Dustin Diamond, Who Played Screech, Was Born With A Semiautomatic Gun Where His Penis Should Be

He first discovered there was something wrong with him when he tried masturbating for the first time and accidentally shot a pigeon.


3. Elizabeth Berkley Was A Method Actress

To prepare for the episode where her character Jessie becomes addicted to caffeine pills, Berkley got a job at a coffee shop where she eventually came up with the idea for Starbucks. She then sold it for some caffeine pills and ended up punching a police horse.


2. The Actor Playing Mr. Belding Has A 20-Inch Penis

However, after 36-hours of being interrogated by the police, he still hasn’t revealed where he found it.


1. Leanna Creel Was Also On The Show

She played Tori Scott.

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