How To Know You’re Ready For Your First Podcast

There inevitable comes a time when you and your best friend share a very special moment. It’s early evening, you are in good moods, maybe you’ve had some beers, and you’ve just finished talking for an hour about the many ways that Batman is unrealistic. And then someone says: what if there was a mic between us? What if you recorded all your talks and put them up online so that everyone knows that there’s no way Bruce Wayne could have kept his Batman identity a secret. It’s such a big step, though. How can you be sure it’s the right time, or even the right thing to do? This how:

First, remember that all podcasts sound like great ideas when you’re just thinking about them, especially when you’re coming up with names. There is much you can do here. Will you put your names in the title? Will you use made-up names? How many puns will there be in the title? You want 3, but your friend might want 4. But it doesn’t really matter because you agree that “Boy Blunder” will definitely find its way into the title somehow. Just keep in mind that this is just a bit of fun, and that, in the end, names aren’t as important as we make them out to be. What is important is all the dedication and hard work you’ll have to put into your podcast.

Then there’s the money. You can of course record on dollar store mics that will make your podcast sound like rubbing two pieces of Styrofoam together in a wind tunnel, but if you want your creation to have any chance in life, you will have to invest money in it. Equipment, basic sound-proofing, an opening jingle, maybe some nice artwork; those things don’t come cheaply, so you need to ask yourselves: are you ready for this kind of big financial responsibility?

Some people like to first “train” for a podcast by getting a blog, but the two experiences are nothing alike. Blogs need a lot of work too, but in the end, if you mess it up, you can always delete it and get another one, a better one. Podcasts are different. People expect more from them. You need to continue to put out content and always try to improve your craft. You can’t end every show with “And that’s why the Joker should have just shot Batman.” That kind of weak shit might work on blogs, but never on living, breathing podcasts. It’s why everyone who says that their blog is like their podcast is a horrible human being and should be pelted with old tomatoes.

In the end, though, you have to do you. No one except you can really know if you’re ready for the beautiful burden of podcast-hood. You can try talking to your parents about the challenges they faced with their first podcast, but, in the end, you will have to do some soul searching to know if it’s right for you. Good luck. And that’s why the Joker should have just shot Batman.

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