Why A Wall Along The US-Mexico Border Would Prevent Human Trafficking

The lack of a physical barrier between the United States and Mexico is an open invitation for human traffickers. I don’t think most of them even want to kidnap humans but they just see all those open spaces and it’s like something inside them just snaps. People who would have otherwise been bankers, surgeons or whatever stare at where a wall would be and before they know it, they’re driving up to the US with people tied up in their trunks. This is how it usually looks like:

They drive. They get into their vehicles through doors and they drive. The doors are on the sides of their vehicles. Some use keys to open them, but I understand some have these little dangly things that open the door for you automatically. So they drive, they push the pedals down, they move the sticks, the gauges change. They go up, sometimes they go down, and they drive. The gasoline explodes in the car. Not a big explosion. Just tiny small ones. Tiny ones. Very small. It happens inside the wheels. Tiny explosions inside the wheels make the cars go forward. Same principle as when the coyote straps a firework to his back. Human traffickers are also known as coyotes. Nobody knows who used the name first. In any case, the boom-booms make the wheels spin. So they are driving. Some might have drinks inside the cars, inside the cup-holders.

And they just go where there’s no security, where you don’t even know the difference between Mexico and the United States. There’s no line of demarcation. They just go out to where there’s no fencing, or walls or any kind, there is truly nothing. Nothing. Absolute nothingness. That’s the opposite of is-ness. No Burger King, no McDonald’s, no Wendy’s, not even a KFC. Pure emptiness. I guess some of them could have picked up some food in Mexico first. They have these things, like meat in flat pancakes. Like burritos I think. Or maybe they are burritos. You can put sauce in them. They probably have a few with them because I don’t know if you know but there’s really nothing down there south. Really a loser terrain. Pathetic. Makes about 0 dollars a year.

So they drive along that terrain and they make a left. A left. Usually it’s a left. Sometimes it’s a right. Depending on what direction you were going in in the first place. Left and right are really arbitrary designations. They don’t really mean anything. My left is different to your left. So I assume that sometimes the human trafficker will say to the other guy to go left, and they will go right instead and end up deeper in Mexico. I wonder if that ever confuses them. I think it would confuse me. Anyhoo, my point is, if we had a wall, the traffickers would just drive straight into it. Unless they make a right turn when they should have made a left. Or a left when they should have made a right. Then they would be in Mexico. Because of the tiny explosions inside the wheels. So that’s why I think we should build a McDonald’s on the US-Mexico border.

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