Put Stuff In Jars Until The Pain Of Your Life Stops

Nothing matters, man. The planet is dying, all the institutions that once felt unshakeable now look like they’re standing on feet of clay, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Capitalism is killing our souls as we sell ourselves into servitude in a system that doesn’t value us at all. It’s just all so bleak and hopeless and no one has any idea how to fix it. Fuck it, put some spaghetti in a jar, I don’t care.

Look at it. You can see it so clearly now. All the individual spaghettos all lined up perfectly, staring at you from behind their glass prison. There is a deeper meaning here. Perhaps beauty caged is beauty lost. Oh dear God, here come more saddies. Quick, put all your flour in another jar, hurry! Yeah, that’s it. Make it snow. Doesn’t it sort of remind you of a snow-globe? Pretty soon, we will either have no winter or constant winter because corporations are killing Earth. FUCK! You thought about all the bad stuff again! Do you have any more free jars? Bring them here. What can we put in them? Beans? Just do it. Death comes for us all anyway.

Now your entire kitchen is jars. Jars on jars on jars. Every ingredient and condiment you could think off witnessing you as you cry in the fetal position on the floor. They can all see you but they don’t see the real you or the storm of torment in your mind that you try to distract yourself from by putting your club soda in more jars. You know it will just go flat in a few hours and it makes no sense, but it’s the only thing keeping you sane right now. GODDAMN… the NAZIS are back again! HOW?! HOW did this happen?!

As you cram your leftover Chinese takeout into another jar, you start to think that these glass containers are just like you. Empty, see-through, dime a dozen, ready to be filled with whatever temporary distraction you can find, but they don’t serve any grander purpose. You shove those thoughts away as you start contemplating what else you can shove inside these things. Your house? No, they don’t make jars big enough for that. Then you see your cat.

Maybe this will silence the demons in your head.

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