The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Internal Organs

Modern life is hectic. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of everything that’s going on around us. But it’s actually very easy to get a grip on it and bring some order to your life. And, as with most things, true change only comes from within, so let’s talk about tidying and organizing your internal organs.

Rule #1: Don’t Get Swept Up By Nostalgia

Aww, look at your pancreas. You had it since you were a kid and would cry so much when your mom tried to make you get rid of it. Oh and your esophagus… you ate and drank so much stuff with that.

Those are some of the pitfalls of decluttering your internal space. Nostalgia is not your friend. Don’t allow yourself to go down memory lane because that is a guaranteed waste of time. Simply focus, stay strong, and maybe go ahead and throw away the part of your brain responsible for long-term memories. That should stop you from daydreaming.

Rule #2: Organize Everything Into Clusters

To start off, take all of your internal organs and start putting them together in the same categories. Don’t be afraid to make a mess at first. Then, put your digestive system here, the respiratory system there, the nervous system over there etc. Do this until you have organized your insides into easily-identifiable clusters. If you have to, use a knife to move some of the more stubborn parts, but don’t throw anything away just yet as we’re just getting started.

Rule #3: Know The Difference Between Joyful Things And Needful Things

Take your liver, for instance. It helps you drink and alcohol is the only thing bringing you any kind of pleasure these days. But isn’t it also costing you a lot? Robbing you of free time and money from having to scrub vomit out of your carpets every morning? As much as you might enjoy it, perhaps you should consider getting rid of your liver. This is the essence of Joyful vs. Needful.

“Joyful” can be a luxury, one you may not be able to afford, mentally or space-wise. Try to keep all the needful things in your life, and only a few joyful ones. For now. If you ever feel like you need them back, you should have no trouble replacing them later. I mean, they sell liver for just a few dollars down at the supermarket.

Rule #4: Why Did It Get So Cold?

Oh God… It’s so cold… Vision failing… world going black… must continue… must get… grip on life… must keep cutting… ghhg…

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